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The faster clinicians can tell their patient narratives, the sooner they can get back to care and go home on time. Nuance’s proven speech-enabled medical transcription platforms and services make it easy to transform dictated data into actionable information to help you increase productivity, strengthen financial results, and improve overall compliance.

Nuance transcription platforms

Perfect for Integrated Delivery Networks, regional health organizations or ambulatory care facilities, Nuance Transcription Platforms:

  • Feature templates that auto-populate content and minimize dictation so clinicians can focus on patients
  • Increase MT productivity—reducing turnaround time from days to hours 
  • Allow you to track and manage the clinical documentation process from dictation through transcription/editing, electronic signature, and document distribution


Considering outsourcing transcription? More and more, organizations are outsourcing transcription to free up resources to focus on other priorities. We employ thousands of the most qualified MTs in the industry—many with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare. An on-boarding program is available to help your staff transition from their hospital-based positions to Nuance. 

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Nuance medical transcription platforms

For large hospitals and IDNs
Dragon Medical eScription

Large hospitals and IDNs can leverage the industry’s most widely recognized, enterprise-wide platform for clinical documentation that integrates with all major EHR systems. Our intelligent speech recognition software turns clinician dictations into formatted draft documents that MTs quickly review and edit—often reducing turnaround time from days to hours and doubling productivity as compared to manual, labor-intensive medical transcription.

Dragon Medical eScription | Product Sheet

For regional hospitals
Dragon Medical eScription RH 

Regional hospitals benefit from automated, flexible workflow options which simplify the documentation process. Clinicians can accurately document entire patient encounters using a mobile device or via standard dictation methods. The Dragon Medical eScription RH platform automatically associates and populates inpatient lists with dictation files, improving MT turnaround times and documentation accuracy.

Dragon Medical eScription RH | Product Sheet

For ambulatory clinics
Clinic 360 Transcription and Nuance Velocity 

Ambulatory clinics can choose from two options to accelerate documenting the patient story: Clinic 360 Transcription provides clinicians with a mobile device to record detailed patient narratives, anytime, anywhere. Nuance Velocity combines real-time speech recognition, intuitive Smart Templates and on-demand transcription all in one mobile application.

Clinic 360 Transcription | Product Sheet

Nuance Velocity | Data Sheet