PowerShare Image Sharing

PowerShare Image Sharing

Securely share patient images while increasing referrals

Securely share patient images while increasing referrals


PowerShare Image Sharing facilitates better quality patient care, improved operational efficiency, increased referrals and greater collaboration. Secure, real-time exchange and management of images, reports, and quality data are part of a highly scalable platform that can be implemented in weeks.

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PowerShare Image Sharing delivers:

  • Real-time image sharing, viewing and management on any device
  • Seamless image management within existing EHR/EMR workflows
  • Simple implementation with low learning curve for fast adoption
  • Scalable cloud platform that reduces IT burden



Case Study

HCA Continental Grows Referral Network

Please register to download and see how HCA's referral network is now growing 28% month-over-month.

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What PowerShare Image Sharing customers are saying

"PowerShare Image Sharing addresses the information sharing challenge physicians face today with a network that supports things we’ve dreamed of doing for years."


Andy Draper, Chief Information Officer, HCA Continental