PowerShare Image Sharing

Securely share patient images while increasing referrals.

PowerShare medical image and report sharing delivers:

  • Real-time image sharing, viewing and management on any device 
  • Seamless image management within existing EHR/EMR workflows
  • Simple implementation with low learning curve for fast adoption
  • Scalable cloud platform that reduces IT burden

 Watch the short video below to see how.


HCA Continental Grows Referral Network

It started with a simple mission: eliminate excessive CD uploads. 6 months later and 100 sites networked through PowerShare, HCA's referral network is now growing 28% month-over-month.


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What PowerShare Network members are saying

"PowerShare addresses the information sharing challenge physicians face today with a network that supports things we’ve dreamed of doing for years."


Andy Draper, Chief Information Officer, HCA Continental

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The Power to Connect

Explore eight ways a medical image sharing network can reduce costs, increase referrals and improve quality of care.
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