PowerScribe® 360 Reporting

Reimagine radiology reporting for a changing world

Reinventing radiology reporting for a changing world


PowerScribe 360 Reporting enables quick, efficient generation of high-quality reports to maximize productivity, optimize billing and reimbursements, increase referring physician satisfaction, and improve quality of patient care.

Only PowerScribe 360 reporting offers Quality Guidance for quick and easy access to evidenced-based guidelines at the point of documentation.

  • Improve the reporting, communication, and tracking of patient data.
  • Deliver accurate, consistent, actionable reports.
  • Enable radiologists to expedite care decisions and collaborate with referrers.
  • Provide real-time access to evidence-based Quality Guidance at the point-of-documentation.


"We were unable to deliver our business without a good reporting tool. Therefore, we needed a solution that was flexible and could meet our unique needs. PowerScribe 360 does just that."


Chris Radi, Vice President of Information Technology at Foundation Radiology Group.

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