Why Coca-Cola Loves Its Web Virtual Assistant

How much is a Web virtual assistant really worth?

For the Coca-Cola Company, it not only means slashing contact center costs, but tremendous growth in customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s a success story worth hearing for any organization that wants to meet overwhelming consumer preferences for quick responses and self-service—but without shortchanging the Web customer experience or their brand reputation.

Watch this Webinar to hear Coca-Cola’s success story straight from Michael Bowers, head of their Customer Care Center Operations organization in Atlanta, which fields nearly a million consumer contacts a year, including:

  • Tips for applying Coca-Cola’s Web virtual assistant strategy to your organization’s Web site
  • Coca-Cola’s plans to further enhance the online experience for their Web visitors
  • Why Coca-Cola swapped out their existing virtual agent for a more intuitive, intelligent virtual assistant

Watch the Webinar:


Why Coca-Cola Loves Its Web Virtual Assistant