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Validate your CDI program with APR-DRG

Do your quality scores accurately represent the severity, difficulty and costs associated with the patient population you serve? Can you provide a comprehensive evaluation of both resources used and clinical outcomes for the organization?

Learn how Borgess Health increased revenue by $9 million through more accurate DRG assignments with their Nuance CDI solution.

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Accurately Characterize the Severity and Acuity of Patients.

Learn about APR-DRG, and how it helps a hospital validate whether its CDI program produces the most appropriate reimbursement based on the level of care it provides.

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Accurately Characterize the Severity and Acuity of Patients

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Understand how the APR-DRG streamlines the work flow for the CDS by highlighting the difference between the Length of Stay, Reimbursement, Relative Weight, SOI and ROM as they are calculated and displayed for the Working and Possible diagnoses.

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